Set up a workflow in your business with Watson

An often overlooked element, the work and management workflow is nevertheless the engine of the company. By business workflow, we mean the modeling and management of the tasks to be accomplished, their arrangement and the role of resources in the conduct of activities. A well-oiled business workflow is often the key to operational and commercial success.

By organizing all information around a central computerized hub, the Watson solution helps you set up a workflow in your business, simply and efficiently.

Why does your business need a workflow?

The first obvious aspect of a workflow is the general organization of the company: management, allocation of resources, general strategy. Obvious but intangible: strategy and management are often erased by operations.

More concretely, why is a workflow necessary in the company?

Some examples :


1. The productivity workflow.

Regardless of the size of your teams, there comes a time when the accumulation of projects and deadlines requires good organization. The productivity workflow organizes the work, and makes sure you are in line with the deadlines.

2. The collaborative workflow.


The business is never the work of one individual. Commercial negotiations, financial decisions, project monitoring: these areas require collaborative work and effective handover. The collaboration workflow defines the rules of joint work.

3. The request processing workflow.

Requests accumulate quickly within a company: internal requests, requests from external customers, requests from suppliers or service providers ... A processing workflow ensures you centralize all these requests and guarantee their proper follow-up.

Set up a business workflow with Watson.

Watson is a 100% online, simple and intuitive business management solution. Thanks to all of its features, it allows you to simply and easily set up a real workflow in your company, whether you are 2 or 200 employees.

Find out how Watson helps you set up a workflow in your business:

A unique definition of the key elements

With Watson, define once and for all the key elements used by your employees on a daily basis. Watson settings allow you to standardize corporate tax and legal information, default financial data, numbering to be used in accounting, business validity periods, legal notices, and more.
Save time and professionalism by giving all your employees a single point of reference to use.
A unique definition of the key elements
A precise list of collaborators and rights

A precise list of collaborators and rights

Users are at the heart of setting up a business workflow. To keep the workflow running smoothly, Watson lets you define a specific list of users in a central location, and the rights assigned to them.

Rigorous management of absences

Watson allows you to define several types of absences, and to assign them a validation procedure. Your management of absences, leaves and human resources is greatly simplified. Based on a unique workflow for validating absences, Watson makes the availability of resources and the time available for projects readable at all times.
Rigorous management of absences
Standardization of communication elements

Standardization of communication elements

Every business knows it very well: professionalism is found in every element of outward communication. Watson lets you standardize typical messages and deadlines for communication to customers, such as messages accompanying quotes and invoices, deadlines, ...

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