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With Covid crisis your company is necessarily confronted at one time or another with the issue of telecommuting. With a unique and intuitive workflow, Watson makes it easy to organize telecommuting within your company.

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While telecommuting has been reserved for a few innovative companies, the Covid health crisis has dramatically changed corporate habits. Telecommuting has often become the norm, while posing significant difficulties for companies to organize it effectively. Because it is based on an organizational workflow specially designed for digital collaboration, Watson is an ideal solution to deploy and manage telework peacefully within your company.

Our all-in-one management solution organizes all aspects of the business, making collaboration much easier.

Telecommuting: why use management software?

You have surely done the test: use usual work processes, and try to apply them with all your remote collaborators. Between the unsuccessful calls, the poor quality of the video conferences, the difficulty in aligning the schedules, the distortion of information ... in short, successfully telecommutingin the company is a real challenge.

In such a context, using a reliable workflow management solution in the company is vital on many points:

1. Time spent management

With your remote collaborators and necessarily staggered working times, keeping track of the time spent on projects and the various tasks performed can be complex. Management software allows you to log all important information and reconcile them for precise time tracking.

2. Human Resource Management

Telecommuting complicates the management of human resources: what is an absence, who is absent and who telecommutes, what is the impact on schedules, how to count the hours of leave… A management software allows you to define precise human resources rules and to apply them systematically in the company, telecommuting or not.

3. Collaboration

Don't get lost in thousands of emails or video calls to organize your collaboration. Use management software that integrates digital and digital collaboration tools: notifications, centralized logging, enriched common files, ... so many tools that make your teamwork management more reliable.

4. Project management

Keep an excellent visibility of your project: what are the deadlines, what is the objective, what is the schedule, to whom the tasks belong ... A management software allows you to organize your projects and to have clear roadmaps .

5. Accounting management

Expenses, expense reports, storage of purchase orders, storage of customer quotes, invoicing… don't let telecommuting spread your accounting documents all over the place. Centralize your accounting management in a single management tool.

Watson, a software to organize telecommuting in your company

Watson was designed to effectively organize telecommuting in your business.

With unique tools for collaboration, time and project tracking, Watson offers you an all-in-one solution for the day-to-day management of your business, whether it's telecommuting or not.

Watson is online software, 100% secure and GDPR compliant.

Some of its key features:


Watson integrates native collaboration tools: task management, user and user role management, project notification, client activity log ... Collaboration becomes natural with Watson, and your telecommuting business becomes exactly the same as 'normally.

Business management

By integrating a CRM and a business tracking table, Watson makes efficient business management possible. The enriched client file includes all previous and upcoming activity, key information, related documents, appointments, quotes and related projects, ...

Project management

A real strength of Watson, the project management module facilitates the progress of projects: calendar view, visualization of schedules, task management, multi-user collaboration, attachments, notifications, project financial view ... Put your projects in auto -pilot!

Time spent tracking

Using a cross-sectional approach, Watson constantly updates time tracking metrics and ensures you have optimized time tracking. Watson integrates full time monitoring at several levels: counting of time spent on projects, management of absences, counting of leave balances, view of availability, etc.

Simplified accounting management

Simplify your accounting management: Watson integrates precise tracking of quotes, purchase orders and invoices. Never miss a deadline or invoice, whether it comes from a supplier or a customer, even when your employees are all telecommuting.

User Management

Because your business is first and foremost the result of the joint work of many collaborators, Watson integrates a series of tools to easily share information and work collaboratively on projects. Fully digital and available online 24 hours a day, telecommuting has never been easier than using Watson.

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