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Stop spending endless hours in your accounting plan and reconciliation.
Watson automatically simplifies and organizes your accounting online.

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A simple and efficient online accounting solution

Along with your day-to-day business, you need to regularly focus on that Loch Ness monster: accounting. Check your accounting statements, transcribe them into writings, find an accountant, take out the balance sheets ... Watson helps you considerably in the accounting management of your company.

Because business accounting cannot be improvised, Watson offers you all the simplified accounting management tools to move forward and make decisions on a daily basis.

Accounting expertise, reserved for professional accountants, then only confirms and formalizes your financial year at the end of the year. With a powerful data processing and reconciliation engine, Watson supports you in your daily management like a real accounting assistant:

  • by standardizing the numbering of parts
  • by storing and organizing all quotes
  • by linking purchase orders to projects
  • by generating invoices without error and in accordance with commitments
  • by reconciling income and expenditure
  • by constantly analyzing profitability.

The benefits of Watson for your online accounting

Online accounting tools in Watson

Online quote

The Watson solution automatically organizes all your quotes online. Your quotes are systematically linked to customer and project accounts, classified and archived according to several criteria.

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Purchase Orders

Secure the management of your purchase orders. With central storage and data reconciliation, Watson lets you archive, edit, and find purchase orders with just a few clicks.

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Online invoices

Stay up-to-date with your invoicing, with notifications of outstanding invoices, reconciliation of customer and supplier invoices, and a powerful invoice editing and archiving engine.

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