Watson, your intelligent human resources management assistant

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Watson makes your life easier, integrating a series of intuitive HR tools.

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A simple and efficient human resources management solution

The heart of your business is people. To ensure optimal day-to-day operation, your human resources management must be flawless.

The Watson solution was designed by testing and organizing the daily lives of hundreds of service SMEs. Having developed its functionalities on human flows, complex projects and advanced collaboration, it offers a powerful human resources management module that is intuitive, reliable and easy to use.

Some examples of automated human resources reports that are immediately available in Watson:

  • personnel register
  • employee contact
  • database
  • vacation schedule
  • history of project
  • activities
  • leave balances
  • payroll data
  • … And much more

The benefits of using Watson for your human resources management

Human resources management tools in Watson


Forget the tedious manual storage and filing of expense reports. Store unlimitedly in Watson all your expense reports and receipts, and let Watson organize them.

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Company Directory

Watson keeps you up-to-date with a real business directory. More than just a single mandatory ledger, the corporate directory in Watson centralizes all contact, activity and payroll information.

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Absence management

Request management, validation, calendar view, leave balance count, availability check: Watson integrates powerful and intuitive absence management.

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