Management software for law firms

Every business needs legal help at some point in its economic life. SMEs in legal services are therefore often a key player.

Managing a legal firm is not easy: juggling clients, accounting for all acts and minutes.
Because the activity of an SME in legal services is very time consuming, Watson provides SMEs and law firms with simple management software.

The keys to the activity of a legal firm

For a law firm, every minute counts, and there are many management keys:

1. Clients portfolio

The law firm is generally heavily used, which results in a substantial client portfolio. Having a clear view of the customer list, easily finding their information and current files is imperative.

2. Time tracking

With invoicing often on a per-time basis, tracking the time spent on projects for different clients must work perfectly for smooth management.

3. Profitability

Between time spent on a client and invoicing, the law firm must continually ensure that accounts receivable remain profitable.

4. Invoicing

Multiplication of acts, documents to be drafted, procedures, questions to be settled and interventions: there are many instances of invoicing in a legal firm. Checking that billing is up to date at all times is a must-have.

5. Manage cash flow

Between official acts, costs of proceedings, salaries and the time it takes to pay clients, cash flow is a key element in the health of a law firm. Having a clear view of cash flow is essential.

Watson, a simple management software for law firms

We designed Watson to make life easier for law firms. Because your activity already demands of you; With lots of concentration, Watson is a simple piece of software that will help you in your day-to-day management. Watson's features:

Business management

List of customers, quotes, order sheets, invoices...

Project management

Project sheets, calendar, task management, profitability monitoring...

Time tracking

Daily activity reports for each employee, periodic validation...

Simplified accounting management

Incomes, expenses, means of payment, cash flow...

Human Resource Management

Staff directory, absence management, personalized general announcements...

User Management

Teams, access rights, user files...

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