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Successfully managing an IT Services Company is a real challenge: short cycles, dense projects, the need to constantly adapt… In a sector where everything goes fast, it is better to equip yourself with a deliberately simple and efficient management.

Watson was designed to dramatically simplify the management of IT Services Companies, allowing you to focus full time on current projects. Our IT Services Company software takes care of all the time consuming management tasks: accounting, customer monitoring, project management, human resources organization, ...

Why use IT Services Company software?

By definition, an IT Services Company is a business that must move very quickly and constantly adapt to evolving technology and changing market demands.

In such a context, saving time is essential: by using IT Services Company software, you can rely on a reliable management assistant that handles tasks with low added value, and concentrate on your business and projects.

1. Track sales

Digital services require strong adaptability. In this context, sales management turns out to be complex: keeping a client portfolio up to date, managing to follow the services offered and personalized for the sale, keeping track of current business, being up-to-date with invoicing on completed orders, etc. IT Services Company software integrates commercial monitoring and CRM functionalities, and allows you to centralize and organize all your customer monitoring.

2. Profitability

By tailoring digital services to customers, calculating profitability is not easy. It requires being up to date at all times of all income and expenses made on a customer account, or a project. Thanks to a continuous update of the information and their regrouping, an IT Services Company software gives you a constantly updated cash flow curve.

3. Control of expenses

The provision of digital services often involves the intervention of third parties and suppliers: hosts, IT partners, development, freelancers ... keeping perfect control of the expenses incurred is key. Again, management software helps you by systematically organizing and classifying all expenses and assigning them to related projects.

4. Simplified accounting

With the number of digital projects and services, accounting documents are multiplying rapidly. Apart from the end-of-year balance sheet, it is essential to have simplified and up-to-date accounts throughout the year. Increase reliability and efficiency by relying on the simplified accounting of IT Services Company software.

5. Human Resource Management

At the heart of digital projects, the management of human teams is essential. The success of projects often depends on reliable information on the availability of resources, absences, and communication with teams. Use software to assist you in your human resources management.

Watson, a simple online IT Services Company software

Watson was designed to organize the day-to-day activities of your IT Services Company.

By centralizing and consolidating all commercial, project, financial and human resources information, Watson offers you an all-in-one approach to managing your IT Services Company.

Watson is online software, 100% secure and GDPR compliant.

Among its features:


Business management

By integrating a CRM and an opportunity tracking table, Watson enables you to optimize sales management. Find all the activity of a client thanks to a client file centralizing all the history, contact data, past and future appointments.

Project management

A real strength of Watson, the project management module has been designed exclusively for service companies. A cross-functional project sheet integrates task management, calendar view, project financial report, attachments, collaboration and activity notifications.

Time spent tracking

Using a cross-sectional approach, Watson constantly updates time tracking metrics and ensures you have optimized time tracking. Thanks to the planning views and activity reports, time spent on projects is automatically transferred to human resources management.

Simplified accounting management

Simplify your accounting management: Watson integrates precise tracking of quotes, purchase orders and invoices. Never miss a deadline or invoice, whether it comes from a supplier or a customer.

Human Resource Management

Watson organizes your human resources management, linking all personnel information to activity information. Automatically manage time spent, holidays, absences, general announcements.

User Management

Because your agency is first and foremost the result of collaboration between talents, Watson integrates a series of tools to easily share information and work collaboratively on projects.

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