Perfect visibility of your cash flow with Watson


Your cash flow is vital to the health of your business. Being able to anticipate lack of liquidity, tight periods and conversely make investment decisions: the available cash is decisive for your strategic business choices.

The Watson solution allows you to have perfect visibility of your cash flow. Based on current projects, accounting movements and payments, your cash flow is updated at all times, precise and clear.

Why is the cash flow statement important?


In addition to accounting, turnover, and the level of sales, the cash flow statement is the tool par excellence for good financial management of the company.

It has many advantages for your business management:

  • it allows you to anticipate tense periods. Your activity is never regular over the course of a year, and there are usually times when payments are late and expenses are not. The cash flow statement allows you, in advance, to identify difficult times and plan solutions;
  • it is a valuable tool for operational profitability. Basically profitable on paper, some client projects can sometimes overflow in expenses or time spent. The current cash flow allows you to monitor the balance between income and expenses, and verify that your business remains profitable operationally;
  • it guides investments by determining the available cash flow. Your cash flow statement gives you, over a given period, the positive surplus between income and expenditure. You can then make investment decisions or new expenses based on available cash flow;
  • finally, it is a powerful tool for business strategy. When analyzing the activity of your company, this is the picture that will be scrutinized.

Managing cash flow with Watson.

Watson is a 100% online, simple and intuitive business management solution. With real-time updating and centralized information storage, it keeps you up-to-date cash flow.

How Watson helps you manage your daily cash flow:

Journaling of expenses and receipts

Using the entered and consolidated data, Watson logs all expenses and revenues made on behalf of the company. Depending on the number of collaborators and access to the solution you have determined in the settings, Watson allows you to keep track of all expenses and receipts and not to forget anything.
Journaling of expenses and receipts
Resumption of expenses by credit card

Resumption of expenses by credit card

Because they are generally processed with a delay, Watson also includes expenses made by credit card in the cash flow monitoring, for a flow discount as close as possible to reality.

Consolidation by period

In addition to the real-time cash flow indicator, Watson allows you to consolidate and research cash flows over a period of your choice.
Consolidation by period
Real-time updating

Real-time updating

The key to cash flow monitoring is reliable data. Watson allows you to always have up-to-date cash flow, by storing, centralizing and consolidating all movements in the business.

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