Centralize and secure your expense reports in Watson

No matter how many people there are in your business, expense reports endlessly add up over time. This raises a relatively significant challenge for the company: that of storing, archiving, securing, controlling and analyzing expenses incurred in fees. And what seemed like a trivial task at first quickly becomes a considerable amount of time.

The Watson solution integrates sustainable management of expense reports. No longer worry about how to store and secure your company's expense reports: consolidate them into a single, simple solution.

How to effectively manage expense reports in the company?

Expense reports cannot be improvised.

To be valid:

  • they must correspond to actual expenses incurred in the interest of the company and be accompanied by supporting documents.
  • they must respect specific rules (in particular for accommodation, catering, transport with the calculation of mileage allowances).
  • they must be reimbursed according to a specific method: actual costs, flat-rate costs or even specific flat-rate costs.

With so many specific conditions, expense report management must be done rigorously:

1. You must ensure that they are stored for the long term.
In the event of an audit or inconsistency, you will need to find expense reports for previous months, or even previous years.

2. It is necessary to carry out their assiduous control.
Check the content of expense reports, the framework, the VAT applied, the relationship to the project.

3. It is necessary to verify the presence of supporting documents.
Supporting documents must match the amount and be securely stored.

Expense reports: the tools available in Watson.

For managing your expense reports, Watson integrates a series of tools:

A multi-criteria search engine

Watson makes secure and unlimited storage of your expense reports possible. Thanks to automatic data matching, your expense reports are accessible at any time via a multi-criteria search engine.
A multi-criteria search engine
Advanced cost control

Advanced cost control

Depending on the roles defined, administrative users can, at any time, control and validate the expense reports issued by employees.

Analytical management

Any expense report added in Watson takes into account the different VAT rates, and is assigned to a worker and project. You can therefore obtain analytical management of the costs incurred.
Analytical management
Secure storage of supporting documents

Secure storage of supporting documents

Between records, receipts, tickets ... storing expense report receipts can quickly turn out to be hell!
Watson makes your life easier: securely and unlimitedly store all supporting documents. These will remain legible and accessible over the long term.

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