ERP CRM: the best of both worlds

No longer be limited by your solutions: opt for an all-in-one solution.

Watson combines ERP and CRM in a simple and efficient online management solution.

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An all-in-one ERP CRM solution

The Watson solution was designed to simplify the day-to-day management of a business.

Its centralized and comprehensive approach combines both the functionalities of an ERP and a CRM.

No longer choose between the two solutions, use Watson as an all-in-one solution for running your business.

Judge for yourself: The definition of a business ERP: an information system that allows you to manage and monitor the business, bringing together all of a business's information and operational services.

The definition of a business CRM: a CRM database centralizes all information related to customers, business activities, customer relations and business development.

With a powerful aggregation engine, Watson offers a unique solution on the market: an ERP CRM that combines both the necessary information for transversal management (finance, accounting, human resources, etc.) and a customer database ( monitoring of accounts receivable, portfolio, business, activities, ....).

The advantages of an ERP CRM for your daily management

The daily life of a business is already a challenge in itself. So you don't need a solution that will complicate your daily life and add to the challenge.

Watson was designed with this in mind: a complete, central, simple and intuitive solution. There are many benefits to using Watson to run your business:

Time saving

With a single management system, no more going back and forth between different tools. All your information is accessible in one place.

Smooth collaboration

Whether you are 2 or 200, Watson allows your teams to collaborate on different projects and clients and compiles information in real time.

No more forgetting

Watson's information system, coupled with notifications, ensures that you never forget the actions to be taken on a daily basis.

Guaranteed error free

By bringing everything together in real time and consolidating information across the board, Watson helps you avoid errors by delivering reliable and up-to-date information across different screens.

Watson's ERP CRM features


Watson organizes all company information in a central database. 100% secure, online and automatically backed up. This database includes commercial, financial, accounting and human resources information.

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Customer management

The Watson solution integrates complete, simple and efficient customer management. Customer monitoring tools include a central list of customer accounts, activity monitoring, a business base, estimate and invoicing documents, etc.

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Contact management

The list of potential contacts of a company is endless: suppliers, customers, project stakeholders, teams ... Watson incorporates a powerful contact management, centralized for all employees.

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