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Any business owner can tell you that successful business management depends on a few key indicators, which must be precise and constantly updated. Knowing the level of turnover, cash flow, income and expenditure balance, schedules and projects in progress: all these indicators must be mastered for smooth management.

The Watson solution considerably simplifies your visibility: it integrates a real synthetic management dashboard.

What indicators to monitor in a corporate dashboard?

Setting up a management dashboard for your business requires identifying the key elements to monitor. Once defined, these elements become the pillars of growth for the company, and guide strategic decisions.

What are the key indicators that your dashboard should include?


The level of sales is key for the company: to be able to compare with the previous period, to anticipate sales trends, to identify development opportunities.

Cash flow

Just-in-time management, margin to monitor, or liquidity to consolidate: the level of cash is vital for the daily life of the company.

The schedules

Know current projects, bottlenecks, upcoming deadlines, availability of resources.

The simplified management dashboard in Watson.

Watson is a simple and efficient business management solution. It centralizes all of the company's key data around a management dashboard, giving you, upon entering the solution, a clear and clear view of the company's key indicators.

How the Watson Dashboard Works:

4 key management indicators

To keep a close eye on the health and success of your business, it's best to get straight to the point. This is what Watson offers: the header of the welcome dashboard lists the 4 key indicators of your day-to-day management, namely sales signed, turnover achieved, margin and current cash flow.
4 key management indicators
The percentage of turnover per customer

The percentage of turnover per customer

Customers are the engine of your business relationship. At a glance, Watson lets you see your current turnover breakdown by customer, identifying key customers and those you still have to work with.

Purchase orders to invoice

When you are immersed in projects and daily deliveries, billing oversights can quickly happen, and have disastrous consequences on the cash flow of the moment. No more forgetting with Watson: purchase orders still to be invoiced are automatically listed on the dashboard home page
Purchase orders to invoice
Event notifications

Event notifications

The dashboard in Watson systematically lists the notifications waiting to be read. Leave requests, absence notifications, internal messages or related to projects: never miss anything important on a daily basis.

Real-time updates

Because being able to manage effectively requires having up-to-date information, Watson guarantees real-time data updates. All the dashboard indicators, commercial and financial, are automatically updated according to the purchase orders, projects and invoices entered.
Real-time updating

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