Customer management

Develop your customer portfolio with Watson

Customer management is the fundamental of CRM: the more your customers are satisfied and followed, the more your turnover increases in a sustainable manner. The Watson solution facilitates and optimizes your customer management.

Thanks to centralized information, an enriched customer file and integrated tools, benefit from flawless customer care focused on the essential: satisfying your customers.

What are the key points of successful customer management?


Working to satisfy your customers cannot be improvised. In the course of projects, different deadlines, your customers will often be demanding about the quality of your services.

To succeed in your customer management, 4 key points:.

1. Honor your commitments.

uotes, order forms, deadlines: being able to clearly write down your commitments (content of the service, meeting deadlines) and stick to them is essential. It is on this main point that a client will judge your professionalism.

2. Listen to your customers.

In addition to meeting deadlines, listening to the customer and adapting to their comments is essential. For the provision of services, it is even the central point: any project carried out with a client necessarily leads to adjustments and modifications.

3. Use CRM software.

For two or three projects, using Excel will allow you to track your customers. Beyond that, it is vital to equip yourself with CRM software adapted to your activity. Quite simply so you don't spend hours putting everything together, save time and focus on production.

4. Evaluate the satisfaction of your customers.

When a project or service is completed, knowing whether a customer is satisfied is crucial and often allows you to direct future services.

Optimize your customer management with Watson

Watson is a business management solution, integrating a true CRM. With a simple and intuitive interface, it allows you to continuously optimize your monitoring and customer management.

The customer management tools available in Watson:

The percentage of turnover per customer

Integrated into the dashboard, an automatically updated graph allows you to constantly view the percentage of turnover per customer. Automatically identify important accounts.
The percentage of turnover per customer
A multi-criteria search engine

A multi-criteria search engine

With a central list, Watson allows you to quickly search for clients in your portfolio. A multi-criteria search engine allows you to search for customers by industry, name, type of customer, ...

Archiving of accounting documents by customer

Watson saves you time and efficiency every day. A few clicks are all it takes to instantly find quotes, purchase orders and invoices for a given customer.
Archiving of accounting documents by customer
Turnover per customer

Turnover per customer

With a real-time archiving and consolidation engine, one-click access to an always up-to-date and error-free list of revenue per customer.

List of projects carried out for a client

Watson's projects tab allows you to view the list of completed projects for a given client, whether those projects are completed or in progress.
List of projects carried out for a client

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