Contact management

Never lose any details about your contacts

Between prospecting, business discussions, events and exchanged business cards, the number of potential contacts of a company quickly becomes exponential. Contact management then becomes a real balancing act: you must both not forget all the details of the contacts and at the same time concentrate on the key contacts for the sales person.

The Watson solution helps you intelligently organize your contacts. It integrates a powerful contact management and saves you precious time.

How to optimize the management of contacts in your company?

Too many contacts kill contacts! This principle is true both for the number of contact files and for the number of messages, e-mails, sms sent to contacts. Contact management within a company must be organized at all costs to avoid being overwhelmed by the amount of information.

Some tips to optimize your contact management:


- opt for a centralized database.

Simple, but valuable tip: Better to have a single, organized database than dozens of separate files.



- define a typical customer file template.

This model must integrate all the information that is useful to you, and anticipate changes in your commercial activity.



- group together all communications made to contacts.

Offers, emails, documents, projects: Consolidate all the parts and communications sent to a customer in one place.

- hunt for duplicates.

A clean database is based on unique contacts. Check regularly that you have no duplicate contacts.

Smart contact management with Watson

The Watson solution integrates an intuitive CRM and intelligent contact management.

The customer management tools available in Watson:

A multi-criteria search engine

Watson organizes and classifies all your contacts in a central list, coupled with a multi-criteria search engine. Find and update your contacts in two clicks.
A multi-criteria search engine
Key contacts of a company

Key contacts of a company

To better develop your business, Watson groups all past and current contacts by company. At a glance, see the status of negotiations and the list of contacts available for a given customer account.

An enriched contact sheet

At the heart of Watson CRM, the enriched contact sheet groups together all the key information about a customer, attachments, contact history, related activities, current and past offers, project status, appointments. you. Never lose anything thanks to a powerful customer follow-up.
An enriched contact sheet
Customer centralization

Customer centralization

An intuitive data import engine allows you to add unlimited business customer files to Watson.

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