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Concentrate on the essentials and choose an all-in-one business management solution.

Watson makes your life easier by automating all of your management reports.

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A simple and complete business management solution

Because your activity mobilizes the majority of your resources, your business management must be based on a simple and effective solution.

The Watson solution was designed by analyzing the daily life of service companies. Thanks to its centralized approach, it systematically consolidates all current business data and consolidates it into management reports available immediately.

This will simplify your life and save you a lot of time: your management reports are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, always up to date and without errors.

Some examples of management reports available in Watson:

  • cash flow
  • turnover and breakdown by customer
  • the list of customer accounts
  • profitability per customer
  • profitability per project
  • resource planning
  • … And much more.

The advantages of an all-in-one business management solution

When it comes to running your business, you are often advised about a dozen different and specialized tools which, in the end, have difficulty communicating with each other and are the source of errors. Watson offers you exactly the opposite: an all-in-one business management solution that will take over all your data securely, simplify your management and avoid any risk of error.

All the benefits of using Watson to run your business:

Time saving

A single centralized tool to manage all aspects of the business (sales, crm, accounting, human resources, projects ...): enough to save you a lot of time.

Guaranteed without error

By bringing everything together in real time and consolidating information across the board, Watson helps you avoid errors by delivering reliable and up-to-date information across different screens.

A complete tool

By integrating an array of management tools, Watson is a complete solution you can rely on to manage day-to-day life.

No more forgetting

Watson's information system, coupled with notifications, ensures that you never forget the actions to be taken on a daily basis.

Business management tools in Watson


The Watson home page is a real management dashboard, giving you at a glance all the key indicators (turnover, cash flow, ...) and important notifications.

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Cash flow

Keep a clear view of your cash flow at all times. Watson consolidates all billing and accounting information and continuously updates your cash flow.

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With Watson, simply set up a business workflow. A unique approach and referent, usable by all employees, according to the rules you have defined.

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