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Develop your customer portfolio and put your projects in self-pilot mode. Watson is an intelligent management assistant, which helps you manage your communication agency on a daily basis.

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Constantly serving and listening to customers: the life of a communications agency is busy. Between creativity, quality deliverables, tight deadlines, ..., daily activity leaves little time to deal with the management of the agency.

Watson was designed to save you time and ensure efficient management of your agency. Our communication agency software takes care of all the tedious aspects of your agency: human resources management, production, administration ...

Why use communication agency software?


Throughout the year, the communications agency has several sensitive points to monitor.

1. Efficient customer support

This is what makes an agency so rich, and often its strength in the market. This also means behind the scenes being perfectly up to date with customer news, contact details, current projects, customer changes ... A software for communication agency guarantees you flawless customer follow-up, by integrating a CRM and an up-to-date customer file.

2. Expense tracking

To achieve the deliverables and perform the services, any agency will often have recourse to a large number of freelancers, service providers, graphic designers, etc. By using management software, you have at all times a clear and precise vision of expenses and their good assignment to projects.

3. Profitability

Between all the expenses orchestrated on behalf of a client, the time spent and what is billed, any communications agency must regularly check that client accounts and projects remain profitable. Here again, a management software allows you to visualize the profitability indicators in a few clicks.

4. Control of cash flow

Often, customers pay the balance to the agencies long after the service has ended and delivery. It is therefore vital for an agency to properly manage the just-in-time cash flow according to current and future client projects. Software with an up-to-date cash flow monitoring curve saves you valuable time.

5. Resource and project management

Faced with hundreds of permanent deadlines and large number of resources mobilized on projects, it is vital that the communications agency organize itself effectively to deliver projects on time. Use software to help you manage human resources and monitor projects.

Watson, a simple and online communication agency software

Watson was designed to facilitate and organize the day-to-day management of your communications agency.

By centralizing and consolidating all activity data, Watson allows you to streamline your resource and project management, to be efficient in your prospecting and customer follow-up, while being up-to-date and financially clear.

Watson is online software, 100% secure and GDPR compliant.

Among its features:

Client portfolio management

Watson helps you organize your customer portfolio. Easily find all the history related to a customer, all contact data, past and future appointments ...

Project management

True strength of Watson, the project sheet integrates task management, financial statement, notifications of collaborations.

Time spent tracking

Watson integrates schedule management and a calendar view, precise and collaborative task monitoring, and activity reports. Time spent on projects is automatically transferred to human resources management.

Simplified accounting management

Simplify your accounting management: Watson integrates precise tracking of quotes, purchase orders and invoices. Never miss a deadline or invoice, whether it comes from a supplier or a customer.

Human Resource Management

Watson organizes your human resources management, linking all personnel information to activity information. Automatically manage time spent, holidays, absences, general announcements.

Employee oriented

Because your agency is first and foremost the result of collaboration between talents, Watson integrates a series of tools to easily share information and work collaboratively on projects.

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