Optimal and efficient commercial management

Streamline the management of your business and your commercial monitoring.

Watson combines the power of CRM and invoicing tools for optimal business management.

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An all-in-one business management solution

The good health of your business depends on its profitability. And who says profitability says effective commercial strategy and perfectly controlled commercial management. The importance of good business management is no longer to be proven: it is generally this which conditions precise management of the company.

By having good visibility on the level of sales, business forecasts, you can make strategic decisions for the business, including pricing, customer relationship management, promotional operations.

The Watson solution makes your life easier. Thanks to a simple and intuitive interface, it supports you in your commercial management while saving you time.

Some strengths of business management in Watson:


A centralized and enriched list of your customer accounts: contact details, history, related documents, completed projects… a few clicks are enough to find out everything about a customer account, at any time.

Quotes, purchase orders, invoices

Watson lets you store and automatically link all your business documents to accounts and contacts. Generate an order form, transform it into an invoice, check pending invoices, ... so many reflexes made easier by Watson day after day.


Access profitability per customer account at a glance. Watson continuously maintains a record of a customer's sales and expenses, and accurately tracks the profitability of each account and project.

Commercial pipeline

Manage all of your current offers by organizing them by status, from prospecting to signing. Update the status of offers by moving them column and get a constantly updated sales pipeline.

The advantages of an integrated business management solution

There are many benefits to using Watson to manage your company's business activity:



Time saving

No more going back and forth between different tools. All your customer elements are accessible in one place.


Improved business collaboration

Watson's information system, coupled with notifications, history and parts storage, optimizes your sales work.


Guaranteed error free

By bringing everything together in real time and consolidating information across the board, Watson helps you avoid errors by delivering reliable and up-to-date information across different screens.


Focus on profitability


By automating and reducing the time spent on management, Watson frees up your time to focus on accounts receivable and projects. Less administrative management time, more profitability.

Business management tools in Watson

Commercial dashboard

A dashboard to organize your commercial offers by status and closely follow the evolution of your commercial funnel.

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An optimized workflow and a set of integrated search, history and notification tools for more efficient prospecting.

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