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Increase efficiency in your commercial prospecting with Watson

Grow your client portfolio, attract new clients, use referrals, listen to opportunities ... prospecting is the engine of your business success. Properly organizing prospecting activities is, however, a real challenge: between all the actions to be carried out and the possibilities to exchange with potential prospects, it is better to structure your approach to be successful.

The Watson solution integrates a structured approach for business development. Thanks to the incorporation of commercial work, collaboration and data structuring tools, your prospecting is automatically organized on a daily basis.

How to succeed and organize your commercial prospecting?

There is no standard recipe for successful business development.

To organize your prospecting as well as possible, here are some tips:


- humanize your business development.

There is no point in attacking a multitude of contacts in "robot" mode. Always prefer a more “human” approach: your prospects are individuals, with codes, needs, universes.

- listen before prospecting.

During your discussions, your prospects will often tell you what they need. Before making any suggestions to them on anything, take the time to listen to them.

- capitalize on history.

This principle, used in customer follow-up, is also valid for prospecting. Adapt your prospecting time according to the exchanges you have already had with a prospect.

- use a prospecting monitoring tool.

Successful prospecting means storing all your contacts, your exchanges, your offers. Make your life easier: use a tool that helps you organize your prospecting.


- analyze your performance.

There are many ways to prospect, types of introductions, and offers. Continuously analyze your results to identify what works best.

Efficient and organized commercial prospecting with Watson

Save time and efficiency in your business prospecting.

The Watson solution integrates several features dedicated to prospecting:

List of contacts to prospect

Thanks to a multi-criteria and intuitive search engine, finding contacts, selecting them and knowing which angle to use for your prospecting becomes a natural reflex.
List of contacts to prospect
Detailed contact sheet

Detailed contact sheet

Watson lets you resume conversations and exchanges with a contact on the fly. A few clicks are all it takes to view all of the business history and interactions made with a contact. The detailed contact card also allows you to schedule future follow-up / reminder activities for a contact.

Effectively prospect your accounts receivable

Thanks to a centralization of contacts by company, Watson allows you to identify, for a customer account, important contacts or those still available and to follow up for your prospecting.
Effectively prospect your accounts receivable
Table of current offers

Table of current offers

The commercial pipeline table allows you to organize current and issued commercial offers for your prospecting. Thanks to the drag and paste of cards, update the status of your current offers in one click.

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