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Any accountant will be the first to tell you: the key to the success of an SME is to be simple in its daily management.

Watson was designed with a simple and intuitive approach. Our software for accounting firms supports your activity, simplifying your daily management.

Why use accounting firm software?

Accounting firms are no exception: they too need management help. While expert interventions multiply on behalf of SMEs, any accounting firm needs a software solution to organize its own internal management.

1. Efficient customer support

Between tax returns, different balance sheet dates, tax audits, accounting firms intervene for a whole series of clients throughout the year. To juggle these interventions as well as possible, software for an accounting firm allows you to centralize customer accounts and monitor them as closely as possible.

2. Time tracking

Entries to be made, balance sheets to be distributed, accounts to be verified ... There is a lot of work for clients, and each accounting firm must equip itself with a simple software tool to monitor, record and group the various activities of employees.

3. Up-to-date billing

Keeping your invoicing up to date: a real challenge for accounting firms. Invoicing must not forget anything about all the interventions carried out. A suitable software tool allows you to record the count of the time spent on each customer service. Your invoicing is then automatically in line with the time spent

4. Control of cash flow

Between the time spent by teams on a client and the time it takes to collect, having a clear view of cash flow and knowing where the firm is located is essential. Software for an accounting firm assists you and simplifies your cash flow monitoring.

Watson, a complete online accounting firm software

Watson was designed to make the day-to-day management of your accounting firm easier.

By centralizing and consolidating all activity data, Watson supports you as closely as possible with your daily activity, frees you up time and helps you focus on what matters most, your customer care.

Watson is online software, 100% secure and GDPR compliant.

Among its features:

Client portfolio management

Watson helps you organize your customer portfolio. Easily find all the history related to a customer, all contact data, past and future appointments ...

Business management

Simplify your business management and gain efficiency with Watson. The business monitoring dashboard allows you to organize all current offers. Customer and project views include a global balance allowing you to check profitability at any time.

Project and time view

Watson organizes the monitoring of services with views by project, a real strength of the software. Each project allows you to record all the tasks and actions performed on behalf of a client and the associated time.

Collaboration oriented

Watson integrates user rights management, which allows you to organize and facilitate collaboration within your practice.

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